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My background is in design and pattern cutting, ensuring that garments fit the body with comfort and style.  In 2021 I had the opportunity to be immersed in the world of adaptive fashion, meeting wonderful women who have advised me with their first hand experiences.

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My journey to this point has taken me through school,  Art College, University and jobs within large fashion companies.  I have sat in countless lectures, fittings and design meetings, in that time never did one person in the room stop and question how roughly 20% of the UK population would wear the garments being discussed.


When I found out about Faduma’s Fellowship in 2021, in association with Oxford Fashion Studio, this was a shocking realisation for me.  I teamed up with friends and researchers Rebecca and Melissa Everett who provided me with their research that helped inform the designs.  We proposed the collection and won the Fellowship.


After a couple of moths of sampling, fittings, more sampling and more fittings, we showed the 12 look collection, designed with wheelchair users at its heart, at London Fashion Week in September 2021.


The reaction was amazing, it raised awareness of the lack of adaptable fashion on the market and got people talking.  Our story was featured in Vogue, The Telegraph, ITV and Chanel 5 News and on BBC Radio amongst other publications.  It was clear that the work we did resonated with many and was needed.


A year and half later I am still building on the skills I learnt.  I hope to show others that with more thought and understanding, we can make small changes that make fashion easier to wear for so many.


The With Ease collection is designed to make it easier to wear the garments that you love, giving you comfort and choice.  I hope that others are encouraged to do the same.

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*Please note that the garments have not been medically certified.  I use breathable fabrics to provide comfort, considered cuts and alternative fastenings.  The garments are design led with small alterations, making them more comfortable and easier to wear.

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