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Each item is transparently, sustainably and carefully crafted for you.

From the raw cotton being picked to your finished item being packed and sent to you,  discover the process here.

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Inspired by real stories and family memories, every garment holds meaning.
The family run menswear shop in the early 1900s holds a sense of heritage and craftsmanship that is too important to be lost. 


Designed & Pattern Cut

I create the designs and then draft the flat paper patterns.  The patterns are used to turn the designs into the garments that shape and fit around your body.  This is process is carried out by me in my studio in Sheffield, England.



The raw cotton used to create the HARRIET ECCLESTON pieces* is grown and picked in California by Brad and his team,
then cleaned and shipped to the UK.


Spun and woven

Once the raw cotton arrives in the UK, it is cleaned, disentangled, drawn, combed and spun by Jim and his team in Dukinfield.  Just 40 minutes from the studio, the former Victorian Cotton Mill is the only commercial cotton spinner in the UK.  It is then woven by Debbie and her team in Burnley and finished in Rochdale by Simon and his team.


British Wool

The wool we use to create HARRIET ECCLESTON garments* comes from sheep who graze the Yorkshire countryside. Once shawn the wool is spun, dyed and woven in Yorkshire using traditional and sustainable techniques.


Cut out

The finished fabrics then arrive in the HARRIET ECCLESTON studio, situated in Sheffield.
Once you place your order, the fabrics are cut out, ready for your garment to be sewn. This means that none of the beautifully crafted fabric goes to waist and garments aren’t created without a body to be worn on.



Your garment is then sewn individually or in small batches by me.  I have a keen eye for detail and attention is paid to every part of the process.


Sustainably Packed

Once your garment finished, checked, pressed and ready to leave the studio, it is carefully packaged.
I use recycled, biodegradable packaging that is easy to compost.  The garments journey is then hand written onto a postcard, (inspired by the original postcards from the old family shop) and addressed personally to you. 


Ready to wear

And there it is, your HARRIET ECCLESTON garment is with you, ready to be worn all year around and for many years to come.

Crafted with head, hand and heart, always.

* Please note that fabric origins may differ from garment to garment. 
Please read the garment description carefully to fully understand the origins of the fabric made to construct your garment.

Discover a postcard included with every HARRIET ECCLESTON* order

*Postcard design & info may differ from Collection to Collection

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