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Discovered in Newcastle. Crafted in England.

Jess and I walked through the doors of Northumbria University’s Design Building nervous, inexperienced and eager to learn. A shared interest and curiosity in fashion would bind us together for the next four years.

During our time at university it became apparent that Harriet’s passion lay in precision, intricacy and storytelling whilst colour, experimentation and surface pattern captured my attention. Our paths took us in different directions as we developed our skills at renowned fashion houses in New York, London and Paris.

In 2019 we both took the plunge to follow our independent dreams, I launched my consciously-crafted womenswear label and Jess unveiled her distinctive abstract art business. Our businesses have taken us to show in London, Paris and Moscow and secured us awards such as The Signature Art Prize and Young Designer of the Year. Our work has been seen in prestigious design magazines such as The Sunday Times Style, The World Of Interiors and Vogue China.

We are so excited to reconnect and collaborate seven years after starting our journey in Newcastle. Our contrasting approaches to design have led to a truly unique and distinctive collection, crafted by two creatives with a shared passion.


Discovered in Newcastle. Crafted in England.

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