for the NHS

With most of us limited to the confinement of our own home,

this is a brilliant opportunity to put our creative skills to good use when we may be feeling helpless.

Many hospitals across the UK are asking for specific hand crafted items to keep our carers and NHS staff as safe and comfortable as possible.


I have compiled a list of these items along with the patterns, instructions and equipment needed to make them. Every item listed can be made using pieces of fabric and equipment that, as busy creatives, I'm sure you probably already have in your home.

There are lots of groups dotted around the UK creating for their local hospitals.

The easiest way to find your local team is by going to Facebook and searching

For The Love Of Scrubsfollowed by your county or nearest town.


scrub bags

After their shift, incredible medical staff will need to take off their scrubs and wash them before they are needed to be worn again. They can place their used scrubs in one of your brilliant scrub bags, close the bag using the drawstring and put the whole bag (with scrubs enclosed) straight into the washing machine. This means that the used scrubs don't need to be touched again, minimising the spread of the disease.

You will need:

-  23x32in (57x80cm) cotton fabric

(100% cotton or +65% cotton blend is best as it needs to be washed at 60 degrees)

-  80" (2m) cord  /  twill tape  /  ribbon

-  cotton thread

-  scissors

-  sewing machine

-  iron

find instructions by Rebecca Reid here

scrub caps

Scrub caps are also in needed at the moment...

See Kate Sew has created a pattern and set of instructions.

You will need:

-  1/2 yard (45cm) cotton fabric

(100% cotton or +65% cotton blend is best as it needs to be washed at 60 degrees)

-  1/2" elastic - optional

-  1/2" binding or bias tape - optional

-  cotton thread

-  scissors

-  sewing machine

-  iron

Find the See Kate Sew pattern here

Find her instructions here

head bands

The facemarks, part of the PPE equipment, are fitted very tightly to the face causing irritation behind the wearers ears. A brilliant solution to this is a buttoned headband, taking the pressure of the elastic away from the ears. Happy Together have created a pattern and set of instructions.

I would recommend only adding 1 button on either side to make it more

comfortable to wear

You will need:

-  50cm x 35cm fabric

(100% cotton or +65% cotton blend is best as it needs to be washed at 60 degrees)

-  5.5" / 6" of 1/2" / 3/4" elastic

-  2 buttons

-  cotton thread

-  a darning needle

-  scissors

-  sewing machine

-  iron

Find the Happy Together pattern here

Find their instructions here


You may have seen many beautiful pairs of hearts being knitted and crocheted up and down the country. These pairs of knitted hearts allow families to stay connected with their loved ones even when they are apart. The ICU nurses give the patients one heart which stays with them, the other heart is sent out to their relatives.

This gorgeous heart patterns come from Celtic Knitted Designs,

they are really easy to make as you knit one pieces, stuff it and sew it up the back.

You will need:

-  4mm knitting needles

-  aran weight yarn

-  scissors

-  darning needle

-  stitch holder  /  large safety pin

-  toy stuffing

Find the Celtic Knitted Designs pattern here

Watch their tutorial here 

please note that every heart needs to fit inside an A5 envelope (14cm x 21cm)


If you would like to be part of a team making scrubs, you will need to have access to an overlocker and be able to meet tight deadlines. Please take a look at the Facebook page For The Love of Scrubs to find your local group. 


drop points

We will be holding drop points in Stanton in Peak (just outside Bakewell), Darley Dale, Matlock and Tideswell, Derbyshire, in open spaces with no close personal contact.  Please only drop off your creations if you feel happy doing so and once you have created a number of items.

Items dropped off at these locations will be going to Chesterfield Royal, Buxton and Whitworth Hospitals.