Free thinking, adaptable and confident.


Ava has a relaxed straight fit, stepped hem and sculpted collar.


Crafted from luxurious blue British cotton with a subtle woven texture, it is breathable, long lasting and soft to touch.


Button down centre opening highlighted with adaptable tags that give you the option to pull the waist in. Flattering silhouette with split hem falling at the hips.


Fastened with shell buttons, discover Ava Ease for the magnetic option.


All run and fell seamed.


Designed, pattered, cut and sewn in my Derbyshire studio.


  • 100% Cotton


    British Cotton picked in California, spun in Dukinfeild, dyed in Blackburn, woven in Burnley.


    Discover who was responsible for the cotton used to make your shirt when your garment arrives with you.

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