Fashion Week isn’t just a catwalk show, it’s an opportunity to display months if not years of hard work. It’s your voice being heard. It’s working with different professions within the fashion industry to create something very special. It’s making friends & keeping friends. It’s colleagues and loved ones rallying together. It’s seeing the reaction of potential customer for the first time. It’s a celebration. It’s someone saying ‘I believe in you’ and thinking ‘I can do this’. It’s a feeling.

Day One

Graduate Fashion Week

4th June 2017

Shop the pieces that have developed from that very fist collection.

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Day Two

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russian

30th March 2019

I remember walking into an enormous empty room the morning of the show. It was vast, cold and bare. Just a few hours later it was bursting with people and energy, light and sound. A community had come together to be a part of my story.

Shop the pieces from the show.

Day Three

Paris Fashion Week - Voussoir

30th March 2019

I felt the significance that goes with the words ‘Paris Fashion Week’ when I stepped into Le Grand Hotel in Paris with it’s intricate gold and mirrored walls, a chandelier centring the stunning circular room. It was a celebration of working together and for what is to come with Voussoir.

The pieces from the show will be available soon.